MiS Technologies Corporation offers development, producing & sales in every field of crystal, MEMS, Hi-power LED & LD and Semiconductors field.
 We proclaim our never-ending corporate philosophy: Total solution in these fields.

In the mobile telephone marketplace spreading on a worldwide scale, there is a crying need for more expansion in multifunctionality. The TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator), which is representatively used in mobile telephones, is one of the crystal devices which are often called the 'salt of the industry.' The TCXO sockets necessary for these are expected to continue to enjoy large demand; meanwhile, we find only a small number of component manufacturers of TCXO sockets. Regarding the TCXO, customers are not generally satisfied with prices, automatic operation or reliability of contact.
MiS Technologies Corporation is known as an expert corporation of crystal device sockets. We have already done good business with a number of reputable firms, in development, manufacturing and sale of TCXO sockets. Our aim is to satisfy the complex needs of our present and potential customers domestically and overseas. In applying the technology of burn-in sockets for ICs which we have accumulated over many years, MiS Corporation is planning to venture development, manufacturing, and sale of TCXO sockets, manufacturing equipment of crystal devices, vibrators, filters, sockets of other crystal oscillator types, etc. Sockets for use by semiconductors in which these technologies are applied are also an object of our great interest. We have two assets: technology and information.
By combining technology and information, we are ready to offer consulting services to provide feedback in development aspects. In addition, we are sure that our consulting services meet diversified requirements of our customers, accurately, rapidly, and flexibly. To serve as a coordinator to connect customer needs to products and information, we proclaim our never-ending corporate philosophy 'Total solution in crystal technology.'


A summary of Crystal sockets

  * Crystal & Oscillator sockets
  * Turning Fork sockets
  * SAW Filter sockets
  * Big size PKG sockets

  1.Clam shell type
  2.Small size
  3.Using pogo pins
  4.Keeping good contact
           5.More 710 kinds of sockets

Crystal & Oscillator sockets
  * PKG size
    Ceramic PKG(SMD)

 Pin account:2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin, 6 pin, 8 pin, 10 pin, 12 pin

 * Can Type(SMD)

Turning Fork           sockets
          * PKG size
                 Socket number : CXP-C02-11-00             t=0.90mm
                 Socket number : CXP-H02-02-00             t=0.83mm
                 Socket number : CXP-H02-04-00             t=0.90mm
                 Socket number : CXP-H02-06-00             t=0.75mm
                 Socket number : CXP-H02-03-00             t=0.90mm
                 Socket number : CXP-H02-05-00           t=0.70mm

                 Socket number : CXP-K02-04-00             t=0.50mm
                 Socket number : CXP-M02-01-00             t=0.37mm

SAW Filter sockets
  * PKG size
        Socket number : CXP-U08-01-00   t=1.40mm
        Socket number : CXP-U08-02-00   t=1.60mm

        Socket number : CXP-E06-01-00   t=0.98mm
        Socket number : CXP-E08-01-00   t=1.20mm
        Socket number : CXP-T04-01-00   t=0.90mm
        Socket number : CXP-T06-01-00   t=1.40mm
        Socket number : CXP-T06-02-00   t=0.98mm
        Socket number : CXP-T06-03-00   t=1.11mm

Big size PKG sockets
  * PKG size
        Socket number : CXP-X04-04-00   t=4.0mm
        Socket number : CXP-X04-01-00   t=2.5mm
        Socket number : CXP-X06-03-00   t=3.1mm
        Socket number : CXP-X06-04-00   t=6.0mm
        Socket number : CXP-X06-05-00   t=5.6mm
        Socket number : CXP-X04-03-00   t=5.3mm
        Socket number : CXP-X06-06-00   t=5.1mm
        Socket number : CXP-X06-08-00   t=5.9mm
        Socket number : CXP-X04-02-00   t=5.4mm
        Socket number : CXP-X16-01M00   t=3.9mm
        Socket number : CXP-X20-01M00   t=4.3mm

 *If you can’t find out PKG thickness that you want in the above list, please inform me.

We will basically make a socket that fit into your PKG thickness on free.(In case of PKG size and pin layout being the same.)

  *We can supply any socket except the above sockets.

A summary of MEMS sockets
  MEMS socket type
   1.Sensor MEMS socket
       Atmospheric pressure, Acceleration, Gyro, Pressure etc
   2.Optical MEMS socket
          Optical detector etc
          Nano Tweezers

 * PKG size

    Ceramic PKG & board, Plastic PKG, Can PKG etc.

Character of MEMS socket
  1.Socket configuration

  Open Top Type (for mass production)

  Clam shell Type (for evaluation or mass production)

  Butterfly Type (for evaluation or mass production)

 2.Contact configuration
     Stamping contact
     Pogo pin contact
     Mixed contact (Stamping+ Pogo pin contact)
     Conductive sheet contact (Silicon rubber made)

 3.MEMS PKG is held on inside of the socket (unmoving)

A summary of LED, LD & Semiconductor sockets
 We have developed lots of LED, LD and Semiconductor sockets.
  1.Burn-in & Test sockets
  2.Car Power IC sockets
  3.high Temperature sockets (240 degree C)

PKG configuration
  3, 4, 5, 6 & 8-terminal devices, SIP / ZIP / SOP / BPA / LGA etc.