优力精密工业有限公司 AFORCE PRECISION INDUSTRY CORPORATION 是一家集生产加工、经销批发的私营独资企业,振荡器测试座、振荡器老化设备、socket、ic连接器、石英振荡器测试治具、振荡器量测设备是优力精密工业有限公司的主营产品。 优力精密工业有限公司是一家经国家相关部门批准注册的企业。优力精密工业有限公司以雄厚的实力、合理的价格、优良的服务与多家企业建立了长期的合作关系。优力精密工业有限公司也拥有了非常年轻的营业团队,让我们拥有相当高的机动性、灵活度、创造力及极大的成长空间。除了自制品以外优力精密工业有限公司也代理了需多优秀的产品至国内。如: 日本 MiSTechnologies Socket 测试座 ; 美国 EMC E-scan 在线桌上型折光浓度仪 ;SPIENGINEERING 工业用极细内视镜 ; 天津必利优震荡器/太阳能设备 ; 闪铸科技 flashforge 3D打印机 ..等优异产品。未来也会不断地持续导入更多全世界优力的产品来服务国人。优力精密工业有限公司诚挚的欢迎各界前来参观、考察与洽谈各种业务。


Establsihed in 2005, steady progression has allowed Aforce Precision Industry Corporation to develop a range of subcontract capabilites suited to the many requirements of small and large business of test fixture.Aforce dedicates in integrating PCB layout, jig mechanical design, assembly, testing and experiment providing to crystal oscillator maker, Aforce offers a turnkey service at test fixture field.True flexibility, the solution for single source subcontracting, our engineering and assembly staff are multi-skilled. This eliminates many potential problems caused when tasks pass through several sets of 'departmentalized' hands before completion.It is our policy not to over sell any of our services but to commit to a continuity in keeping with our clients' existing style and expection.From enquiry to quotation, to implementation and through to after sales support, a prompt, professinal and caring response is assured presenting our customers with a minimum of disruption and procurement costs. Besides, aforce also serching for any creativity and competitive products.Therefore if you're looking for some distributors in taiwan and interested in Aforce. We are appreciated to make further cooperation.


【2005/08/19】 Aforce Precision Industry Corporation was founded bySteven Yang,

Aforce provides the test fixture for crystal, oscillator and TCXO makers.

【2006/08/01】 Aforce be an agent of MiS Technologies Corporation to promote socket at crystal oscillator and TCXO field,including Taiwan, Hong Kong and China market.

【2007/01/14】 Moved to office 1F, No.81-2, Bo-ai St., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (45m2).

【2009/04/01】 Moved to office 1F, No.19, Wunsin Rd., Jhubei City, Hsinchu County 30264, Taiwan (90m2).

【2009/03/06】 QTS Corporation was founded by Aforce, MiS and S.N. Huang, major at test equipment of Crystal oscillator.

【2009/08/25】 QTS succeed in development QASL-1000 -45~85℃ crystal oscillator dynamic aging system.

【2009/12/30】 QTS succeed in development QAS-1000 125℃ crystal oscillator dynamic aging system.

【2010/06/16】 QTS Corporation moved to office 1F., No.20, Xueshi Rd., Shulin City, Taipei County 238, Taiwan

【2011/04/01】 Aforce and QTS Move to office, No.207, Xianzheng 10th St., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 30251, Taiwan (360m2)

【2011/11/02】 QTS succeed in development QAS-2000 150℃ crystal oscillator dynamic aging system.

【2011/12/12】 QTS got the repeat order of QAS-2000.

【2012/07/10】 Aforce be a distributors of Electron Machine Corporation in Taiwan market.

【2012/07/13】 Aforce be a distributors of SUZUWA corporation for OCXO,TCXO base. cover and Lid...etc.     

【2012/09    】 Aforce be a distributors of SPI ENGINEERING for industrial Video Borescope .         

【2012/12    】   Aforce be a distributors of Tian Jin Benefituser for crystal equipment and solar battery equipment.       

【2013/06    】   Aforce be a distributors of flashforge 3D printer in Taiwan.